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Shop Updates

Shop Updates


July 16

  • I am back and running after the AX convention trip! I will be updating the shop soon with new merch, including lanyards, pouches, and new pins! Please stay tuned B)

June 18

  • Shipping will halt between June 27-July 10 for AX! You can still place orders during that period, but shipping will take place after I get back around July 10th. If you'd like your order to ship within June, please place your order by June 26th PST ♡

  • All June orders placed by June 14th KST have shipped, either on June 10th or June 14th! I apologize for the lack of individual shipping notifications. I've been prioritizing packaging as quickly as I can and mailing orders out that I fell behind on shipping notifications, I apologize ;w; I will work hard to address this for upcoming orders! If you have any questions about your order status, please don't hesitate to email me!

June 17

  • Preorder Status (Fluffy in Hat pins, Pet Mug pins, Sailor Uniform Dangling Pins):

    • They all arrived safely and any on hold orders containing these items have shipped! These products will now swap to in-stock orders.

  • Stock status: Umbrella Buddies pin is sold out! I will restock them after AX around mid-July~!! Thank you so much!

May 23

  • I am back from vacation :3 I will package all in-stock orders this weekend so I can mail them out next week!

  • Preorder Status (Fluffy in Hat pins, Pet Mug pins, Sailor Uniform Dangling Pins):

    • The pins are still in production—I expect I should be able to receive them from manufacturing company by June 7th. I hope to mail them out in the following week! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!