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Mystery Bag ($30+ worth!)

Mystery Bag ($30+ worth!)


Purchase this item for a surprise package! The package will include:

❤ 3-7 random assortment of items from my shop (Retired items not listed here may be included)

❤ guaranteed 175%+ value of the price tag ($30+ worth)

Feel free to put general preferences in your notes and I will try my best to accommodate!! You can put one of the two preference types listed below:

  1. Merch preference: eg) "I love charms" or “No prints please!”, etc

  2. Fandom preference: please list at least 3 fandoms (You can also put “Originals only" if you aren’t into any fandoms!)

Please put only ONE type of preference, either merch or fandom. If you put both, or any specific requests, I will not take them into account! Below is an example list of notes that will not be taken into consideration:

  • X: “I prefer KH, BNHA, MM, and I also prefer charms!”

  • X: “Please no prints and I like charms!”

  • X: “I love your original pins!”

  • X: "I love anything BNHA!"

  • X: "I love MM imystic charms!"

Requests like below will be taken into account:

  • O: “I love MM, HNK, and BNHA!”

  • O: “I prefer your original stuff!”

  • O: “I’d like your charms!”

❤ If you purchase 2 mystery bags, the guaranteed value will increase to $70+! ❤

(NOTE: While I try to accommodate requests as much as I can, I can't guarantee! The point of a mystery bag is to receive a random assortment of merch for a discount after all, so please keep that in mind before you order!)

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