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About Califlair


I am generally not open to personal commissions due to time constraints, but I sometimes do accept them upon inquiry, based on the commission scope & how well I can deliver to the commissioner's expectations!

Thank you for your interest! I don't do trades, online or at cons, mutuals or not. I'd rather support artists than asking to trade with me. I thank you for your understanding!

While I’d love to help everyone get started on their merch making ventures, please keep in mind that my online store is my only income—my business and livelihood. I got to where I am today through research and trial and error, investing my own money to find out what works for me. Things might not come out perfect the first time around, but it’s up to you to go discover what works for you and what doesn’t from there on! One manufacturer may deliver perfectly one time and not the next time, and some suppliers will be good at delivering one thing but not at delivering other things. This is where trial and error comes in, for all of us! No one can tell an artist which manufacturer is the best fit for their art and their preferences—other than their own experience, trial and error.

tl;dr—Only you can answer the question of which supplier works the best for your art, by experimenting with various manufacturers yourself with your own designs. Please understand that getting a lot of emails/DMs from strangers asking me about suppliers can get really exhausting on my end, especially since I’m not the best person to answer them. Thank you for your understanding!