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Please thoroughly read POLICIES & FAQ before placing an order

Califlair Store Policies

Please thoroughly read our policies & faq before placing an order! We are a small team at Califlair and we hope that you read the following for a full understanding of our policies and fulfilment! By purchasing from the Califlair store, you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the following page.

All Califlair orders are fulfilled by White Squirrel Co., and ships from Everett, Washington, USA.


Addresses: Putting the correct address(es) are the buyer's responsibility. Califlair is not responsible for lost packages or resending a parcel if it was sent to the wrong address. 

Please confirm your address before you submit your order. If you accidentally entered the wrong address, please contact me with your name, order number, and corrected address.

If your order has already been processed & shipped, I am unable to change the address, refund your order, or reroute your package. However, if the package is returned to me, a secondary shipping charge will be invoiced for it to be sent to the correct address. 

Combining Multiple Orders: Due to the volume of orders Califlair receives on a regular basis, I'm unable to combine the shipping of orders that were placed separately. Califlair no longer offers combined shipping for online store orders with monthly Califlair pin club packages.

Cancellations & Exchanges: All sales are final, and are not eligible for cancellations, refunds, exchanges, or modifications once payment has been made. Please order when you know for sure you want the merch!

Packaging & Shipping

All products are packaged securely in lots of bubble wrap and waterproof envelopes to make sure they arrive safely at your door. Tracking numbers are provided automatically upon shipment. 

Our warehouse handles thousands of orders and ships out packages. Please be aware that there can be delays in processing times due to large volume of orders or holidays.

USPS First Class: approximately 5-7 business days
USPS Priority Mail: approximately 3-5 business days

USPS First class International: approximately 3-5 weeks
USPS Priority Mail International: approximately 2-3 weeks
If you have a question regarding your shipment status, please send White Squirrel and inquiry here. 

For international order shipping time: When items are sent outside the US, your package is often handled by more than one postal service. When we send international orders, he actual delivery of the item will be the responsibility of the postal service in the country the items are going to. Delays can often be caused by customs checks, which can sometimes take up to 1-2 weeks.

For international customs declaration: Califlair is not responsible for paying any customs, fees, VAT taxes, or import duties for any packages processed and sent from Califlair. The customer is responsible for any customs fees incurred. If the customer chooses not to pay the fees, customs will return the package to our warehouse.

In this case, we issue a partial refund of the product cost after 20% restocking fee has been deducted. Please note that shipping fee will not be refunded, as it was already spent shipping the product.

That said, we will not edit or mark any packages with false declarations as it is considered mail-fraud. 
Damaged Items: Califlair is not liable for damage of items during transit. Any damaged goods cannot be exchanged or be eligible for refund.

Existing damage or Incorrect/Missing Items: Your item is eligible for an exchange if it is unfunctional (zipper/buckle is broken), has a cosmetic defect (see pin grading guide,) or incorrect/missing. 

Please make sure to check the contents of your package if anything is amiss, and reach out to me within 5 days of receiving it! For me to better help you, please follow the following steps: 

1. Take at least one photo of the item. In the case of damaged items, please take a photo of a) the damaged item(s), b) the exterior mailer packaging, and c) the interior mailer packaging. Make sure the photograph is well-lit. If the photo is grainy or dark, we may request a new photo.

For incorrect or missing items: please take a photo of your entire order together.

2. Send photo(s) to my customer service inbox, Include your full name, order number, and written description of the issue.

3. We will work out a solution with you. 

Please note that I cannot address any issues for orders that you received longer than 5 days ago (counting from delivered date on tracking page).


Lost Packages: Marked as Delivered

Califlair is unable to refund or replace any lost packages that are marked as delivered. Once a package leaves our hands, I cannot control the actions of the shipping personnel, especially after the package has been marked as "delivered."

However, below are the steps you can take to find your package: 

1. Wait a couple of days:  USPS may sometimes prematurely label packages as "Delivered" when in actuality, they are still sitting at the post office or mail truck waiting to be delivered the next business day.

2. Contact your local post office to help you locate your Delivered package in these situations, please reach out to them via phone or in-person with your tracking number and relevant information. USPS staff can pull the GPS coordinates for where your package had been scanned delivered. 

3. Ask neighbors if they incorrectly received your mail. 

4. If you live with others, ask if they may have brought in your package or received it in your stead. 

5. Check all areas of your property. 

If you are still unable to locate your package and believe that it was lost or stolen after its delivery, please file a missing mail search request directly with USPS:

Please contact us via email if you are in need of specific shipment details to aid in a mail search request. 


Lost Packages: Stuck in Transit

When the status has been "in transit" and has not moved for more than 2 weeks. 

U.S. customers - please wait at least 4 weeks from the time of the last tracking update before contacting us. If it has not moved, please contact your local post office with your tracking number and information, via phone or in person visit. You may also request a USPS search query Please feel free to reach out to me and I will also do my best to investigate on our end. 

International (non-U.S.) customers: International packages are not considered potentially lost until at least 2.5 full months have gone by since the shipment date (75 days). Please reach out to your post office directly for any information regarding your package. However, if it is considered lost, please contact us between 75-120 days to be eligible for an insurance claim on your package.

We cannot guarantee a solution if you contact us after 120 days.

Anti-Harassment Policy & Right to Refuse Service

We have the right to refuse service to any customer who exhibits harmful, rude, or manipulative behavior to our store or employees over e-mail, messaging, or otherwise. 

We also reserve the right to refuse service to "scalpers" (reselling Califlair products for-profit). In these events, any outstanding orders associated with customer will be cancelled and/or a ban will be implemented.