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Pin Grading Guide

Please keep in mind that all enamel pins are handmade items: they are filled and polished individually by our skilled manufacturers, so no pin will be 100% perfect. All pins at Califlair’s shop are grouped into two grades: standard & seconds.



Standard pins are the highest quality I offer. All listed pins are standard quality, unless they are marked as seconds in the product title & descriptions. Since all pins are handmade, standard quality may include minor imperfections, including:

  • Small scuffs, or scratches on metal/enamel
  • Small specks, pores, or bubbles anywhere on the pin
  • Slightly low or uneven fills
  • Minor metal discolorations
  • Larger metal scruffs on the back or the side (not the front) of the pin


Seconds pins have very noticeable flaws and are sold at a discount. Such flaws include:

  • Obvious overflowing enamel fills
  • Large smudges and/or staining
  • Completely unfilled areas
  • Heavy oxidization of the metal
  • Noticeable and deep scratches that span across the metal & enamel
  • Very low fills in larger or visually important areas
  • Bent pin needle on the back that causes the clutch to clasp only half-way


If you believe you have mistakenly received a seconds grade pin, and you have received it within 5 days, please reach out to with a photo.