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Please thoroughly read POLICIES & FAQ before placing an order

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About Ordering

All prices at my store are in USD!

Unfortunately no. Due to the volume of orders Califlair receives on a regular basis, I'm unable to combine the shipping of orders that were placed separately. Your orders will ship separetly. This is done to ensure everything is sent out correctly with less chances of delay! 

*Califlair also no longer offers combined shipping for online store orders with monthly Califlair pin club packages.

Please contact us right away with your order #, name, and corrected address.

Please note that if your order has already been processed & shipped, I am unable to change the address, refund your order, or reroute your package. However, if the package is returned to me, a secondary shipping charge will be invoiced for it to be sent to the correct address. 

Most merch will be restocked several times a year! However, if you'd like the general estimate restock schedule of a certain item, please feel free to send a restock inquiry at our email.

Please note that event-exclusive freebie merch are not part of our regular stock. ^^ Please keep an eye on califlair twitter/instagram to be up to date!

All sales are final, and are not eligible for cancellations, refunds, exchanges, or modifications once payment has been made! Please order when you know for sure you want the merch!

Sorry, we can't apply codes after the order has been placed!

While I’d love to help everyone get started on their merch making ventures, please keep in mind that my online store is my only income—my business and livelihood. I got to where I am today through research and trial and error, investing my own money to find out what works for me. Things might not come out perfect the first time around, but it’s up to you to go discover what works for you and what doesn’t from there on! One manufacturer may deliver perfectly one time and not the next time, and some suppliers will be good at delivering one thing but not at delivering other things. This is where trial and error comes in, for all of us! No one can tell an artist which manufacturer is the best fit for their art and their preferences—other than their own experience, trial and error.

tl;dr—Only you can answer the question of which supplier works the best for your art, by experimenting with various manufacturers yourself with your own designs. Please understand that getting a lot of emails/DMs from strangers asking me about suppliers can get really exhausting on my end, especially since I’m not the best person to answer them. Thank you for your understanding!

About Shipping

For in-stock orders, I mail them out every week. However, for orders placed within a week of a store update, it may take up to 3 weeks for me to process, package, and ship them, as I receive a large amount of orders during that period.

You will receive an email with the tracking number once it becomes available.

For all shipping related information, please refer to the Shipping & Policies page.

All preorder items ship according to the schedule laid out in the product descriptions. If you have multiple preorder items, your order will ship according to the latest preorder items.

We do not allow orders to be modified/split after it was placed.

For more accurate updates, please visit our preorder page for more information.

If you live outside the US, your local custom's office might tack on additional fees and tariffs. We do not know what those fees will be, or if there will be any at all.

The customer is responsible for any customs fees incurred. If the customer chooses not to pay the fees, customs will return the package to our warehouse.

In this case, we issue a partial refund of the product cost after 20% restocking fee has been deducted. Please note that shipping fee will not be refunded, as it was already spent shipping the product.

Unfortunately, we are not responsible for paying any customs, fees, VAT taxes, or import duties for any packages processed and sent from Califlair. The recipient of the package is responsible for paying any charges incurred upon arrival. Califlair is not responsible or reimburse any fees.

That said, we will not edit or mark any packages with false declarations as it is considered mail-fraud. 


I'm so sorry about the inconvenience! Please send an email to hello @ califlair . com with your name, order number, and a photo of the items you received within 5 days of receiving your order and I’ll help address the issue right away.

Important note: If it has been longer than 5 days since the order arrived (counting from the delivered date on the tracking page), I cannot address any issues, I’m very sorry!

Mails usually get returned to me due to either insufficient address or when the receiver does not pick up the package from the post office for a long time. In these cases, I can re-send the package to you, but you must pay for the return fee (if applicable) and the second shipping fee.

Please check the tracking page often to stay updated on the delivery status and avoid your order being sent back to me!

For U.S. customers - we ask that you wait at least 4 weeks from the time of the last tracking update before contacting us. If it has not moved, please contact your local post office with your tracking number and information, via phone or in person visit. You may also request a USPS search query Please feel free to reach out to me and I will also do my best to investigate on our end. 

International (non-U.S.) customers: International packages are not considered potentially lost until at least 2.5 full months have gone by since the shipment date (75 days). Please reach out to your post office directly for any information regarding your package. However, if it is considered lost, please contact us between 75-120 days to be eligible for an insurance claim on your package.

We cannot guarantee a solution if you contact us after 120 days.

Califlair is unable to refund or replace any lost packages that are marked as delivered. Once a package leaves our hands, I cannot control the actions of the shipping personnel, especially after the package has been marked as "delivered."

However, below are the steps you can take to find your package: 

1. Wait a couple of days:  USPS may sometimes prematurely label packages as "Delivered" when in actuality, they are still sitting at the post office or mail truck waiting to be delivered the next business day.

2. Contact your local post office to help you locate your Delivered package in these situations, please reach out to them via phone or in-person with your tracking number and relevant information. USPS staff can pull the GPS coordinates for where your package had been scanned delivered. 

3. Ask neighbors if they incorrectly received your mail. 

4. If you live with others, ask if they may have brought in your package or received it in your stead. 

5. Check all areas of your property. 

If you are still unable to locate your package and believe that it was lost or stolen after its delivery, please file a missing mail search request directly with USPS:

Please contact us via email if you are in need of specific shipment details to aid in a mail search request.