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Please thoroughly read POLICIES & FAQ before placing an order

Wholesale with Califlair

If you are an owner of a small brick or mortar store and you're interested in adding Califlair products to your collection, look no further!

Terms & Conditions

  • We only offer wholesale to retailers in the USA and Canada.
  • Wholesale is not available to groups or individuals for personal use.
  • Retailers must have a physical storefront, proof of Store Name & business location is required during application. 
  • Califlair products are to be sold from a physical store only. 
    • online storefront or in-person events, such as pop-ups, trade-shows, are not allowed.  
  • Modification to the product for the purpose of retailing is allowed, such as adding price stickers, tags, packaging sleeves, etc.
  • Retailers may not reproduce, copy, trace, or alter any product from Califlair. Those who are found doing so will be blacklisted.
  • Retailers may not remove the brand Califlair and rebrand it as their own or otherwise.
  • We have a minimum order total of: XYZ.
  • Shipping is not included with wholesale orders. You will receive another quote based on the volume and weight of your order.


  • Although we strive to quality check before shipment, retailers are responsible for checking their received inventory for: 1) unfunctional (zipper/buckle/etc); 2) cosmetic defect (please see pin grading guide)
  • Please reach out to us 14 days upon receiving the goods. After 14 days,
  • Califlair is not responsible for monetary compensation or product replacement for:
    • defective products that arise from improper storage or mishandling of the goods
    • defective products sold to the customers past 14 days of stockists receiving the shipment. 

If you agree to the terms & conditions above, please reach out to us via contact form or email, and we will get back to you!

* If you are interested in consignment, please shoot us an email and we'll discuss rates!  

Application Form

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